10 Best 100 Bamboo Comforter Reviews & Ratings

When you’re looking for a product, whether a new 100 bamboo comforter or something more significant, you want to ensure you get the best possible option that suits your needs. These tips can help you understand what constitutes a good product so that you make the right decision when you’re ready to purchase.

We’re about to get down to the gritty details of choosing the 100 bamboo comforter on the market. There are already thousands of reviews for over hundreds of products online. So why write my own? It’s simple: I want to give you some extra tips and tricks I used to make sure my buying decision is as educated as possible.

Why you Should Trust Us?

It’s no secret that the tech industry is full of gadgets and gizmos. But with so many products on the market, it can be hard to determine which ones are worth your money. To make this decision easier, we’ve tested dozens of promising options before selecting the best 10 to purchase and test side-by-side.  Our goal was to find something that perfectly matched your style or suited your needs. We did this by evaluating each product:

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Price
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Construction
  • Return Policy

Best 100 bamboo comforter With Specifications

The word 100 bamboo comforter is a broad term that can identify anything with the intended use. It includes tangible items, services, or intangibles.

The product concept has been around for centuries and will continue to become more complex as time goes on.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for before making any purchases because there are many different types of products available on the market that provide different quality levels depending on your needs.

Read this blog post if you want some tips about how to pick out the 100 bamboo comforter for your needs!

1. 100% Viscose from Cooling Bamboo Comforter for Hot Sleepers-Breathable Silky Soft Bamboo Duvet Insert King Size-with 8 Corner Tabs-All Season Comforter (90×102 Inches, Gray)

Features :

  • 【100% BAMBOO】Fibers Extracted from bamboo, called Bamboo-Derived Rayon. Enjoy a year of comfort. You don’t need to change your quilt every season. This alternative of eiderdown quilt is designed for cooling and heating and can be Used in All SEASONS.
  • 【Breathable and NON-MUGGY Fabric】 We focus on sleep quality and notice that some people sweat a lot at night, this quilt will help you eliminate this worry. Bamboo fiber fabric has Natural Air Permeability, which can effectively Reduce Muggy and Sweating. The interior of the quilt core maintains almost constant temperature and humidity. No matter how wet, dry, hot or cold the outside is, the temperature will be adjusted with the human body temperature to improve the quality of sleep.
  • 【SEVEN HOLE Fiber Filler】 It adopts Hollow Microfiber to simulate the air structure inside the down jacket. Each fiber contains Seven Holes, which not only greatly improves the transmission efficiency of sweat, but also maintains more static air inside. Completely Different from ordinary fillings, it is as soft as sponge cake. If you can’t stand noise and smell of down quilt, this quilt will be your best choice.
  • 【Suitable for All Ages and Skin Types】 The Hygroscopic Bamboo Fiber Quilt has good Air Permeability and is not easy to cause muggy. 100% bamboo fiber cover will not cause any skin problems and bring you a very comfortable touch, thus creating a healthy sleep environment for you.
  • 【Machine Wash acceptable&Buy at Ease】It can be washed in Cold Water in a mild Circulation mode of Machine Wash, and Low-Temperature drying or Air Drying is acceptable. Due to the tight packing and Extremely Soft High-Speed material during transportation, some wrinkles may be caused. Please use a steam iron to solve them.Please feel free to contact us and we will whole heartedly provide solutions for you.

Additional Info :

Color Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 0.01
Width 90
Length 102

2. 100% Bamboo Cool Comforter, Organic Fluffy and Soft Down Alternative Duvet Insert (Queen / Lightweight)

Features :

  • 100% Bamboo Viscose Shell AND 100% Bamboo Viscose Fill
  • Luxury softness at its finest featuring all-season, and lightweight options. Made from the most sustainable resource on the planet, this bamboo duvet comforter is the answer to all your bedding comfort needs.
  • Loops in all corners to ensure the best fit with your duvet cover. Stitched right to keep fluff in all the right spots.
  • Filled with the plushiest fluff, your bed will be plump with the good stuff. Breathable, silky, and great for allergies there’s a lot of love.
  • Queen Insert 88×92” King Insert 108×92”

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.04
Width 88
Length 92

3. HOMBYS Lightweight Cooling Viscose from Bamboo King Size Comforter Down Alternative Duvet Insert, 100% Viscose Made from Bamboo, 8 Corner Tabs, All Season Soft Comforter for Hot Sleepers

Features :

  • 【COZY-temperature AS YOU WANT】 In a stuffy comforter, the air next to your body becomes hot, it collects the natural moisture and sweat, damp air around you. The inside of HOMBYS Lightweight COMFORTER stays at near-constant temperature and humidity, no matter how wet, dry, scorching or freezing it might be outside. HOLLOW MICROFIBER and Viscose Made from BAMBOO make up the ATC ( adaptive temperature control ) system, SLOW HEATING, FAST COOLING. ATC system designed for air buffer insulation to cool down your body
  • 【HOLLOW MICROFIBER FILL】The use of hollow microfiber, simulate the air structure inside the down, every fibre of this has 7 holes, greatly improves the transfer efficiency of sweat and keep more still air inside. Totally different from ordinary polyfill, soft as sponge cake. If you couldn’t endure the crinkling noise and odor of down comforter, this cooling blanket is the only choose for you in hottest summer.
  • 【COOLING FABRIC】100% Viscose Made from Bamboo is Extra Soft. Keep silent, soft texture, good luster and elasticity, it has real silk softness hang down suitable feeling, have silk far beneath toughness. Cool touch feeling, absorb body heat to transfer, bring you a sweet and deep sleep.
  • 【SUITABLE for ALL AGE GROUPS and SKIN TYPES】Moisture absorbing, good ventilation and dry out quickly. Do not cause skin problem. Very comfortable to touch. Lightweight and Cooling Comforter for Summer.For hot sleeper and night sweats, It will be great As all season comforter
  • 【Machine Washable & Buy with Confidence】Machine washable gentle cycle in cold water. Low temperature drying or Air drying. As tightly packed during shipping and the extremely soft high thread-count shell, there may be some wrinkles, please use steam iron to remove. Certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and BSCI.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.01181102361
Width 89.9999999082
Length 105.99999989188

4. BYBYME Lightweight Bamboo Cooling Comforter (Shell: 100% Bamboo, Filling: 50% Bamboo+50% Hollow Fiber), King Size Quilted Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert, Sumer Comforter with 8 Ties

Features :

  • I’M A BIG FAN OF THIS– Holy moly, I’m a hot sleeper, as soon as I learned our company is producing this, I bought one for myself. You know how the bedding feels extravagant at super fancy hotels — like you’re sleeping in clouds and you know you’ll pine for that bedding after you leave? Well, this is IT! It’s hard to describe how it feels, so warm and so cool at the same time like some sort of magic. It’s so incredibly cooling silky soft, like it was made by fairies, for fairies.
  • IT’S THE REAL THING. 100% ORGANIC BAMBOO– Both shell and filling were made by organic bamboo viscose, especially the filling material, not the hollow microfiber, greatly improves the transfer efficiency of sweat. Bamboo viscose fiber is “breathing” fiber, as the natural cross section height hollow, allows moisture wicking, promoting heat dissipation and allows air circulation.
  • REFRESHING COOL, AS SILKY AS SILK– When you lie down, you might feel as if you were in the deep part and the coolest places in the forest. Ultra silky, affordable luxury, nearest to the real silk, but silk is easy to be damaged, you have to take care of them carefully, if you are a fan of silk things, but you don’t want to treat them too gentle, then you will like the best silk-alternative—BAMBOO!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR ALL SEASON– This duvet is super big, but still lightweight. Your duvet choices greatly affect how comfortable you feel. Heavy comforter can trap heat and sweat and also store body heat. This lightweight comforter will help circulate air, dissipate sweat, and maintain a more even body temperature.
  • YOU’RE WELCOME, EARTH– Sustainable, 100% bamboo viscose shell made from bamboos grown on sustainably managed, biodiverse, renewable farms. We all want to make our consumables more eco-friendly. REST ASSURED TO BUY– BYBYME Promise 100% Risk-free, 60 Days Money-Back, 180 Days Free Replacement, 24 Hours Customer Service.

Additional Info :

Color White4

5. HOMBYS Lightweight Cooling Eucalyptus, Viscose Made from Bamboo Fill Tencel Comforter, 100% Lyocell Shell, Silky Summer Comforter Duvet Insert ,for Night Sweats Hot Sleepers

Features :

  • 【Cool As You Want】 In a stuffy comforter, the air next to your body becomes hot, it collects the moisture and sweat, damp air around you. We have found that the traditional synthetic Polyester doesn’t breathe. The powerful combination of Lyocell Shell and Viscose made from Bamboo Fill, make the inside of our Lightweight EUCALYPTUS COMFORTER stays at near-constant temperature and humidity, no matter how wet, dry, scorching or freezing it might be outside.
  • 【100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Silky Shell】 If silk blanket are your thing,but costs are through the roof, fine, I have to tell you something. This comforter, 100% Lyocell Cover, made from eucalyptus, excellent temperature regulation. It brings you a same cozy feeling with soft tactile as silk, also has real silk softness hang down suitable feeling, have silk far beneath toughness, also more comfortable intimate contact, continuous dry air,let air pass through, which cools your body.
  • 【Bamboo Viscose + 7-hole Hollow Fiber Fill】Filled with 50% Viscose made from Bamboo ,50% polyester fiber. The unique structure of bamboo fiber at a microscopic level is what allows a small, but effective, amount of air to help your body regulate its temperature. As you overheat your body perspires and bamboo’s breathable allows that moisture to escape thus cooling your body.
  • 【You’re Welcome, Earth】All TENCEL standard Lyocell fiber types have been certified as biodegradable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions. TENCEL Lyocell fibers support body temperature regulating properties through their moisture management. The microscopic fibrils of lyocell Cellulose fibers are structured to regulate the absorption and release of moisture, contributing to fabric breath ability that supports the body’s thermal regulation.
  • 【Machine Washable & Buy with Confidence】Machine washable gentle cycle in cold water. Low temperature or air drying. As it is very soft, it may look a little wrinkled when you get it, you can iron it at low temperature.

Additional Info :

Color White

6. HOMBYS Cooling Viscose from Bamboo Queen Size Comforter Set All Season Lightweight Comforter, Summer Comforter for Hot Sleepers, 100% Viscose from Bamboo Shell, 8 Corner Tabs

Features :

  • 【All year-round COZY Cooling Comforter Set】Viscose made from Bamboo fabric that is temperature regulating and specially woven to maximize cooling so you stay cool yet cozy all night. It is the perfect for hot sleepers ,Night sweats sleepers looking for a cooling Lightweight comforter Set that will also give them a cozy feeling all year-round.Vary Soft and Cozy.
  • 【Luxurious Breathable Soft 100% VISCOSE MADE FROM BAMBOO SHELL 】: Our fabric uses bamboo Viscose fabric extracted from bamboo, which has good breathability and instant water absorption. Provide amazing softness warm and smooth cooling touch. The moisture wicking properties of bamboo provide a thermo-regulating Bamboo pillowcase, keeping you cool and comfortable all night.
  • 【Breathable Filling】: 50% VISCOSE MADE FROM BAMBOO , 50% polyester fiber, to enhance the bulkiness. It is soft and fluffy like a cloud, completely different from conventional filling, which greatly improves the efficiency of sweat transfer. The whole piece design will not clump or run inside.Lightweight and Fluffy.
  • 【Suitable for all skin types】: The fabric and filling of our quilt Soft filling will not cause skin problems. The ultra-fine pore structure inside the bamboo Viscose can absorb moisture and wick away sweat, eliminate odor, block ultraviolet rays
  • 【Machine Washable & Buy with Confidence】Machine washable gentle cycle in cold water. Low temperature drying or Air drying. As tightly packed during shipping and the extremely soft high thread-count shell, there may be some wrinkles, please use steam iron to remove.

Additional Info :

Color Grey

7. L LOVSOUL All Season Bamboo Comforter King Size Down Alternative Quilted Insert 100% Bamboo Viscose Cover Soft Cooling Comforter Machine Washable-Light Blue,106x90Inches

Features :

  • 【Exquisite Details】:L LOVSOUL Bamboo Duvet Insert adopts Box Stitch Quiting that avoid the fiber filling from shifting during the night,ensuring a comfortable sleep.The design of Bamboo Comforter Insert with 8 loops and corner tabs can make you easilly attached the duvet cover and keep the quilt in place.Attention:you can use the bamboo comforter as a duvet insert or a quilt alone.
  • 【Suitable for All Ages】:Skin-friendly bamboo fabric cover,good ventilation and dry quickly.Bamboo viscose cover is nice to sensitive people.It brings a comfortable sleep like in cloud without noisy.Color:White/Light Blue;【SIZE】California King 108x98Inches;King Size 90x106Inches;Full/Queen Size 90x90Inches;Twin Size 68x90Inches.
  • 【Soft and Lightweight】:The cover made of 100% Cooling Bamboo Fabric,silky smooth touch.The filling of the bamboo comforter is combination of 70% Bamboo Viscose and 30% Hollow Microfiber,which ensures the coziness and softness in night sleep,especially the hot sleepers.
  • 【Ideal Coziness You Want】:Our body will is easily become hotter in stuff comforter and collect the sweat and moiture.The commom down alternative comforter make you feel uncomfortable in hot days.But Bamboo Comforter won’t.The Bamboo Fiber and hollow microfiber absorb the moisture and keeps the constant temperature in sweats night.
  • 【Easy to Care&Service】:Our cooling bamboo down alternative comforter is machine washable.Machine wash in a gentle cycle and with cold water,simply low tumble dry the comforter,which saves you a lot of time.We are so confident in the quality of our pillow and we offer after-sales service and 30 day refund supported.If you are not happy with it for any reason,just contact us to return the comforter for a full refund.

Additional Info :

Color Light Blue
Item Dimensions
Height 0.01
Width 90
Length 106
Weight 10

8. Supodon Bamboo Cooling Comforter Queen Size Bamboo-Filled Lightweight Comforter 100% Bamboo Viscose Comforter Summer Quilted Down Alternative Comforter with 8 Corner Tabs for Hot Sleepers

Features :

  • 100% COOLING Bamboo Fiber – Natural Bamboo viscose fabric has good skin-friendliness, silent,soft touch and comfortable skin feeling. The natural cooling sensation from bamboo can absorb the heat of your body and keep you cool even in summer nights.The bamboo fiber fabric is silky soft and smooth, zero stress for your skin.
  • Eco-friendly & Skin-friendly – Supodon bamboo comforter use bamboo Viscose fabric and bamboo filling which extracted from naturally grown bamboo.Certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and BSCI.Bamboo fiber is very friendly to skin. Suitable for all age groups and skin types.
  • Scientific Filling Ratio – Our summer bamboo fiber comforter is filled with the most scientific multilayer composite filling structure. After many trials and practical use, we use 50% bamboo fiber + 50% hollow micro fiber. More fluffy and more breathable, allowing the air inside of the comforter to form a thermal cycle of airflow, which can absorb the body’s sweat and moisture, and keep it dry and cool all night.
  • Exquisite Hand-made Design – Our comforter adopt a whole piece fill design, with a strict grid cutting process, evenly filled, and the filling will not agglomerate or run inside the shell. Exquisite quilting and gray edges decorate the quilt while also effectively preventing tearing. 8 built-in corner rings and side rings can fix the quilt in any quilt cover.
  • Easy Care & After-sale Service – Our bamboo fiber comforter can be machine-washed in cold water with gentle circulation. Dry at low temperature or air dry. Save your time and energy, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance. Supodon provides 24-hour customer service and promises 100% after-sales customer support. We are committed to 100% satisfaction of our customers.

Additional Info :

Color Lightweight-white

9. LUXOME Lightweight Blanket / Comforter | 100% Viscose from Bamboo Fabric & Fill | Full / Queen – 90″x96″ | Super Soft | Thermal-Regulating | Charcoal

Features :

  • 100% VISCOSE FROM BAMBOO: Naturally thermal regulating and lightweight for year-round comfort.
  • THERMAL REGULATING: The natural properties of bamboo viscose help cool you down when you’re hot and warm you up when you’re cool. It works!
  • OVERSIZED: Measuring 90″ x 96″ our sizing allows for body contouring & mattress tucking.
  • LUXURY: We use all high thread count fabrics and a supremely soft sateen weave.
  • USA QUALITY & SERVICE: We are a US company based in Michigan and care deeply about our customers and their experiences with not only our products but us as people.

Additional Info :

Color Charcoal
Item Dimensions
Height 0.04
Width 90
Length 96
Weight 5.7

10. Cariloha All-Season, Organic Bamboo Duvet Comforter – Viscose-from-Bamboo Interior and Exterior – Comfortable, All-Weather Weight – 110″ x 96″ – King

Features :

  • Soft, Sustainable Fabric: Blanket your bed in cooling, heavenly plush fabric for comfier sleep
  • Temperature Regulating: Soft duvet comforter keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Keeps You Clean: Hypoallergenic viscose-from-bamboo fill wicks moisture
  • Quality: Cariloha duvet comforter is made of 100% organic bamboo viscose in closed-loop method
  • Hypoallergenic: OEKO-TEX 100 certified (no harmful chemicals), ideal for sensitive skin

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.25
Width 8.3858267631
Length 4.724409444
Weight 10.69

Buying a Best 100 bamboo comforter: Things to Consider

When shopping for a product, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the quality of the product, the price, and even how much it will benefit your life.

  1. In addition, many factors affect your decision-making process. The first one is the brand. When buying a new product, most people choose one based on its brand rather than other factors like price and quality.
  2. The problem with this approach is that it can lead to bad decisions. For example, if you buy a product from an expensive brand that fails to live up to expectations, you will regret spending so much on it.
  3. Another important factor affecting your decision-making process is companies’ advertising and marketing strategies. Many companies have become very good at selling their products through various marketing strategies such as advertisements or celebrity endorsements.
  4. While these strategies can help sell more products, they should not be used when choosing what product to purchase because they do not always reflect the reality of the situation and can lead to disappointing results for consumers.

1. Is the product durable, and will it last long?

Durability is crucial when purchasing any 100 bamboo comforter, but knowing if the 100 bamboo comforter you are looking at will last can be challenging.

Durable products last long and can withstand wear and tear from use. A durable product will save you money in the long run because it lasts longer than cheaply made items that break or stop working after just a few uses.

We discuss how to tell if a product is durable enough for your needs to not waste money on something that won’t hold up over time.

  • First off, what kind of material is it made from? The type of materials used in creating a product significantly affects its durability. For example, plastics and rubber don’t hold up well against heat or water, while metals can corrode with time and exposure to moisture.
  • Secondly, think about the item’s size – more oversized items take more abuse than smaller ones, so they need to be made from more substantial materials (like metals). Finally, consider how often you’ll use the product.
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Find out about the price of the 100 bamboo comforter before you buy

If you’re looking to buy the product, there’s one thing you never want to do: purchase knowing the price.

If it’s more than what you were expecting, the chances are that you’ll regret your decision and start thinking about how much money could’ve been saved if only you had checked beforehand.

There are some cases where this may not be necessary- for example, if it’s an item with limited availability or time left on its sale- but in most cases, it will result in less buyer remorse and potential savings.

All of the 100 bamboo comforters list their prices upfront so shoppers can get an idea of what they’re getting into before they decide to finish checkout. So don’t forget to check!

2. Return policy of the 100 bamboo comforter

The 100 bamboo comforter is not always the right choice for your needs. If unsatisfied with your purchase, check the company’s return policy before buying.

There are many different policies, and it can be unclear to pick one that might work for you.

The return policy is one of the most critical factors in deciding whether or not to buy from a company. There are many different policies, so you need to know what each procedure entails before making your purchase decision.

3. What are the pros and cons of ” 100 bamboo comforter”?

What are the pros and cons of “100 bamboo comforter”? Many products on the market claim to be the best, but how can you know? The key is to know what features are important to you.

Finding out through research which product has these features will help you determine if it is worth buying or not.

With so many different choices available, it’s hard for anyone to know everything about all of them.

When buying the 100 bamboo comforter, there are many variables to consider. The essential factors in the final decision should be your budget, what features do you need, and what pros and cons?

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it’s good to look at reviews from other customers who have bought the product.

4. Where to find 100 bamboo comforter?

You need to know the answer because you’re a buyer. You should know who sells it, if they have inventory available, and what the price is so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this product will work for your company.

If you are looking for 100 bamboo comforter, there are many places online where you can find it. The first one I want to mention is Amazon.

They carry many items in their warehouse and sell them at competitive prices with free shipping offers often running all year round!

Another place to check out would be Walmart because they offer low prices daily on thousands of products, including 100 bamboo comforter using every day.

5. Is the warranty policy of the 100 bamboo comforter any good?

The question many buyers are asking is, “What happens if the product I buy breaks?” For some buyers, this is an important consideration. They want to know if they will get their money back or replace it if something goes wrong with the 100 bamboo comforter.

A company’s warranty policy can help you determine whether the company stands behind its products and has confidence in what it sells.

A good warranty policy should allow for repairs, replacements, or returns on defective merchandise without any restocking fees within a specific period after purchase.

6. Is the customer support service good when buying the 100 bamboo comforter?

When buying the 100 bamboo comforter, the customer should know how good the company’s customer service is. If they are not satisfied with their customer service, it may affect the decision to buy from them.

The first thing you should do when thinking about buying something is research whether or not you can contact someone if there is an issue with your purchase.

It will allow you to feel confident that problems can be resolved quickly and easily without going through too much trouble.

7. Pros & Cons of 100 bamboo comforter

Most of the products reviewed have the following pros & cons:

The Pros

  • Designed to be portable.
  • The material is lightweight.
  • Incredible functionality.
  • The design is very innovative and cool.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • It is economically viable to run.
  • Excellent quality and high speed.
  • It is small and takes up little space.
  • Improved user interface.

The Cons

  • Durability is questionable.
  • Not suitable for large-scale projects.
  • Not machine washable.
  • Pricier than close alternatives.
  • Sometimes quality has to be compromised.
  • A few users have difficulty using it.
  • Expensive compared to a similar unit.

The Verdict

Research is important for your purchasing choice. After reading this blog post, you have a clearer idea about which 100 bamboo comforter is the best. You already know that all these products are just too amazing, so you can definitely choose one to meet your needs. We have covered every product’s main characteristics, and hopefully, you’ll find all this information helpful. With us, you don’t have to waste time researching and reading hundreds of reviews to gather information. Our top 10 best 100 bamboo comforter list helps you save time by providing the most crucial facts in the most concise way possible. We hope that this article helps you in making a good decision.


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